University of Bristol Trans-Continental Expedition 1960 — 61 
Press reports -including The Western Daily Press — Bristol
All these reports apart from [1] were published in the Bristol paper, The Western Daily Press [WDP]. The reports were written by Malcolm McKernan and illustrated with photos from Tony Morrison. The copy and negatives were sent to Bristol by post or hand-carried by friends - courier services or e-mail as we known them today were not available. Back in Bristol Dr. Louis [Bert] Quesnel took care of the negatives and printing
00 January 29th 1960 Eastwards to the Andes - Nonesuch News - by Malcolm McKernan
01August 24th 1960Secrets revealed of plan to visit Bolivia and Indian Village -WDP
02August 1960       University expedition to get civic send-off - WDP - by WDP reporter
1September 1960On autobahn and dusty track it's hazardous ahead - [Europe] -WDP
2September 1960Istanbul - A rich combination of history, progress [Turkey] -WDP
3September 1960 Then on to Iran- and dusty roads: damaged car is towed 150 miles [Iran] -WDP
4October 1960 Roads were more dangerous than armed Afghans - [Afghanistan ] WDP
5October 1960Barbed wire and tank traps guard Khyber Pass [Afghanistan - Pakistan] -WDP
6October 1960Happy meetings and reminders - into India and to Bombay [Mumbai] India -WDP
7October 1960 They are ready for us - arrival in Pusagaon [India]-WDP
8November 1960Co-operation in the village - life in Pusagaon [India]-WDP
9December 1960 Pictures from India -WDP
10February 1961 Over the Andes to La Paz [Peru- Bolivia] -WDP
11February 1961 World's worst roads encountered when expedition reaches roof of the Andes [Peru/Bolivia] - WDP
12March 1961 Second English party joins us in Bolivia -WDP
13March 1961 Medicine men are still in business [Bolivia]-WDP
14April 1961 City of fabulous riches... where one statue is worth 50 million dollars [Bolivia] -WDP
14-2April 1961 Hack and Dig through land of one road
15April 1961 Women march with guns in the big parade [Bolivia] -WDP
16April 1961 Where students teachers get £15 a month [Bolivia] -WDP
17August 1961 Looking down on the 'Lost' City of the Incas [Peru] -WDP
18August 1961 Bandits and black looks [Colombia] -WDP
19September 1961 Chicago charged us £2 to park our car [USA] -WDP
20October 1961 HOME - after more than a year on the move - World not so small after all -WDP
 November 1961 Living on a Mountain of Rubbish, Peru - a special report for Nonesuch News

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