60                     NONESUCH EXPEDITIONS   FOUNDED IN 1962

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  • Amazonia To be listed
  • Andean peoples To be listed
  • Chipaya - a small ethnic group with a distinct language - living in the high , semi desert south of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. The collection from 1963 -1968

Black and white negatives 6 x 6 in 1963 & 1968 in 35mm + contact sheets
Colour transparencies of 1963 & 1968 35mm Kodachrome scanned but not corrected
16mm colour negative was shot in 1963 but lost by BBC
¼ magnetic tape short length of Chipaya voice /on Uher Report 4000 recorder
Memorabilia including slings, weaving and musical instruments

  • Danube - the collection is from a journey in 1966 between the Black Sea and Belgrade - for pictures and info see the Lost in the Danube feature

Black and white negatives 35mm scanned as contact sheets
Colour transparencies 35mm and Ektachrome scanned and corrected
¼ inch magnetic tape of prayers in Ada Kaleh Mosque recorded on a Uher Report 4000 / roughly digitised

  • Falkland Islands / Malvinas - The collection is from 1969 and 1970

Colour and Black and white photographs by Tony and Marion Morrison in 1969 and 1970, contact sheets and captions
BBC film The Unsuspected Isles 1969 - in which we have limited non-TV rights. We have a poor digital copy of the film made for us by the BBC - they hold the original negative but we have all the 'trims' and many of these could hold useful archive stuff see Wrecks

Tape recordings on 1/4 inch magnetic tape with a Uher 4000 Report recorder. Island sounds including old seafaring songs, music and stories. Election speeches, Kenneth the Kelp Goose a Childrens Series of Radio tales. Wildlife sounds including birds and seals

Early photographs of Stanley and old sailing ships. Old Parish Magazines. Bric a Brac


  • Guamán Poma de Ayala

Complete set of copies of 17th century black and white illustrations of Inca life by the Spanish chronicler


  • India - The main collection is from 1961 with a sub collection from 2000

Main focus is on three villages in Maharastra - Pusegaon, Aundh, Koregaon plus Kirloskarwadi and a Leper hospital 1960
Black and white negatives 6 x 6cms and 35mm by Tony Morrison
Colour transparencies by Tony Morrison
Colour film 16mm Kodachrome original un-edited shot by Tony Morrison
Black and white television production by TWW [1962] negative and video tape copy / now digitised
¼ Inch Magnetic tape recordings by Mark Howell on Ferrograph and Ficord of village music, sounds and people - such as in schools
¼ tape Tony's audio 'letter to home'


Video tapes from a variety of film sources:

1960 black and white
1960 colour
2000 Ahmednagar visit
2000 Bristol to Pusegaon 1 By Roger Tutt [RT]
2000 Bristol to Pusegaon 2 RT
2000 Bristol to Pusegaon 3 RT
2000 Bundi to Dehli RT
2000 Mumbai to Bundhi RT
2002 A letter from India RT

Video, photographs and memorabilia

  • Lake Titicaca -The main collection - Peru and Bolivia is from 1961 with additions, especially photographs until 2013

Colour transparencies, b/w prints and contact sheets from 1960. After 2002 digital images

Film 16mm black and white shot for a Nonesuch production titled Children of the Lake for BBCTV
¼ inch magnetic tape recording on Uher 4000 Report of lakeside sounds and Aymara music. Local language and a conversation with a British fisheries expert.
Memorabilia - maps, guides and timetables for the Victorian Lake steamers

  • Lipez - sometimes Lipes , Bolivia -The main collection is from 1963 -1968 with an addition in 1971

San Antonio and San Cristobal de Lipes, remote communities such as Alota, burial towers and ancient field enclosures, pictures of pre-Colombian artefacts including ceramics and knapped arrow heads
Black and white negatives 6 x 6 in 1963 some 35 mm later
Photo captions and contact sheets
Colour 35 mm Kodachrome in 1963 later some Ektachrome and a few 6 x6 Ektachrome [Bells - paintings and interior roof of the San Antonio church] The original village of San Cristobal, houses, church - interior and paintings, local miners and miners houses
Expedition photos of 1963 Tony Morrison & Mark Howell

2 BBC films 1963 / 1971 - The Treasures of Chuquisaca - in original negative with a video copy now digitised
1971 rough digital from a tape made from transmission

Memorabilia - cactus spines and wood, 20th century books from Potosi

  • Margaret Mee - The main Collection is from 1987 extending to the early 1990s

Tony Morrison's photocopy of Margaret's original book manuscript- annotated during editing in her home in Rio de Janeiro
Photos taken by Tony Morrison, from 1988 onwards - to be listed - some black and white
Photos by other photographers mainly family 'snapshots' cleared to use so will be listed
NTSC video shot on the Moonflower trip 1988 - digitised at average quality OK for instant use
16mm Eastmancolour negative shot for Tony in 1989 on a return visit [Brian Sewell ]and a time lapse of the flower opening by TM
NTSC video shot for us by Bob Nadkarni at a Memorial tree planting in Rio with speech by Roberto Burle Marx -
Various other videos not our copyright- various sources and some not Broadcast Quality
Tapes - Two 1/4 inch tapes and seven Philips mini tapes - over three hours of interviews and chat - to be listed........
Books - copies of most that have been published - To be listed
Press clippings and magazines- extensive from the 1960s
Early art - including some My Way stamps 1951
Research including many letters from Margaret Mee - some original and some copies etc
A set of Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira - copied by Kimball Morrison from originals

Letters & Postcards
Location list for MM Materials

  • Middle East -The main Collection is from 1962 - Jordan - Lebanon- Iran

Black and white negatives mix of 35mm and 6 x 6 contact prints scanned - shot by Tony Morrison
Colour 35mm Kodachrome scanned
Black and white photographs of mountaineer Joe Brown climbing in Petra - original negatives missing but we have enhanced scans from magazine
1 film The Tombs of Petra - rough copy only now digitised

  • Nasca - sometimes Nazca - The main Collection is from 1963 to 1978 - a small sub collection from 1985-1996

Black and white negatives 1963 and 1985 6 x 6 others from 1964 to 1980s in 35m
Colour 35mm all Kodachrome from 1963 plus a few Ektachtrome and Infra red colour all digitised
Very early Maria Reiche colour and many black and white prints from other sources
Television films made in 1963 Black and white /1978 colour / 2004 digital
Tape ¼ 1963 Ficord recorder -the first recording of Maria Reiche
Tape cassettes from 1978 film
Maria Reiches' books, published accounts and pamphlets - dating from 1944
Maria Reiche correspondence
Maria Reiche stamps
Many Press clippings
National Geographic and Smithsonian reports and maps to list
TMs books..........
TM research notes & correspondence

  • Railways - mostly Peru and Bolivia. The main Collection is from 1963 to 1980

Black and white and colour photos by Tony Morrison since 1963 include Central and Southern Railways of Peru, in Bolivia trains of the FCAB (Antofagasta - La Paz) line, old disused locos in Uyuni desert 1967 , Argentina - main station in Buenos Aires.
Historic black and white or sepia - collected and or copied and out of copyright
Copies of lithographs - drawings of building the Central railway ex-libris Charles Croften Atkins collection and out of copyright
Some correspondence with Brian Fawcett
Digitised video clip of the Central Railway taken from Descendants of The Incas 1963 copyright Nonesuch of those days.

  • SS Great Britain - Isambard Kingdom Brunel's iron steamship - The main Collection is from 1969 and 1970 with sub collections of archive pictures including engravings and recent material to the present

Photos in colour and black and white, the most comprehensive collection of the salvage 1969-70
Archival / out of copyright early images
Tape recordings of the Daily Reports made for the Island radio using a Uher Report 4000 recorder
Film 16mm now digitised - about a two minute clip in the BBC Falklands film - The Unsuspected Isles in which we have limited rights by contract
Research including digitised copies of historic documents
News clippings include:
Bristol Mirror 25-2-1854
Brunel's Great Britain
Ewan Corlett - account/report 1968
GB Registered number 1970
GB Crew agreement - 1886
GB - Rattler- drawings of the hull and the Great Britain hull copies
HMS Exeter story
Marion Morrison - Diary 1970
Mechanics Magazine 996
MM-Tony Morrison Notebook-1970
Port Stanley - weather reports
SSGB book 01-03-12a
Captain Stap certificates copies
Saving the Great Britain - story of the salvage produced by South American Pictures

  • Somerset and Bristol UK 1950s To be listed
  • University of Bristol Trans-Continental Expedition 1960-61 To be listed