Lost in the Danube
1966 A Cold War Journey before the waters rose at the Iron Gate
Black and White Collection

In the early 1960s black and white photography was the meduim of choice for many photographers, both professional and amateur . On my jourmey up the Danube I found perfect light and many genuinely sympathetic people who gave time and thought to my efforts.

The pictures were shot when I was still dedicated to still photography. Fortunately the Eastern Bloc as it was known was not new to me as In my final year at university I had arranged a pan-European exhibition with entries among others from Hungary, Poland, and the German Democratic Republic.

Here are just a few of black and white images from my Danube journey. The technical details and acknowledgements are at the bottom of the page Tony Morrison

The moat, fortifications and mosque on Ada Kaleh
Ada Kaleh - at the entrance to the old fort
Ada Kaleh - geese
Ada Kaleh
Orsova - the old town
Baile Herculane - the Cerna Hotel
Baile Herculane - Cerna Bridge - a boy is fishing below the arches
Danube delta - Lipovan fisherman
Danube delta - in Sulina, selling sunflower seeds
Danube delta - Mila 23 -the priest and his son
Danube delta - a Lipovan family on the Plain of Letea
Danube delta - a working windmill near C A Rosetti
Danube delta - the miller in the windmill near C A Rosetti
Danube delta - at Mila 23
Danube delta at Mila 23
Danube delta - in C A Rosetti

These photographs were shot using Nikon F cameras and lenses. I had four lenses. A 28mm f3.5, a 50mm f2 [the standard lens] 105mm f.2.5 and a 200m f4 [this lens I left in London as in the Cold War it could have been seen as a 'spy' lens']. Occasionally I used a light yellow Nikon filter to enhance the clouds.

The film was medium grain Kodak Plus X or the more sensitive Kodak Tri X film developed [ processed] by Roy Reemer, New Oxford Street, London.. In the 1960's many photographers developed their own negatives but the hand processing by some London laboratories gave a guaranteed quality.

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