University of Bristol Trans-Continental Expedition 1960 — 61 
The team
Mark Howell, 25, BSc Psychology / GeographySound Recordist / Mechanic A founder of Nonesuch Expeditions Mark later created patents and a multi-million pound [sterling] electronics Company in Bristol. [Mark died in 2002 - a Memorial note]
Peter Krinks, 24, BA (Hons) GeographyProjects Organiser / NavigatorPeter gained his doctorate in Canberra, Australia. He followed an academic career lecturing and writing on rural development in SE Asia, especially the Phillipines.
Malcolm McKernan, 32, BA (Hons) English Literature,Administrative leader / writerSoon after returning, Malcolm joined the British Diplomatic service and his postings included Ghana, Guyana, and Aden. Malcolm died in 2014.
Tony Morrison, 24, BSc ZoologyCameraman / PhotographerA founder of Nonesuch Expeditions Tony has made a career of film-making, writing and photography largely in South America
Donald Pilton, 25, MB.ChB.Medical Officer/ Cook After the Expedition Don settled in Bath, Avon, UK and became a highly respected GP - [General Practioner] and founded a specialist family clinic.
Roger Tutt, 22, BA (Hons) EconomicsEconomist / Business ManagerRoger also joined the British Diplomatic Service with postings in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean and to the British Mission to the UN in New York. Roger died in January 2016
August 31st 1960 - At the Council House the Lord Mayor of Bristol shakes hands with Malcolm wishing the team good luck Photo: David Elkington Cole
The team used two Austin Gipsies. 6146 VP was used as the lead vehicle almost all the way with Peter navigating and Malcolm and Roger driving. The second Gipsy 110 KAE was crewed by Mark, Tony and Don. This pattern was maintained for the entire journey largely so Tony could take film and Mark could keep an eye on both vehicles. This was an era before simple two way radios and the Gipsies were driven within sight of the individual drivers

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